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What others say about Children's Art Galleries:

“We really love this idea.”

Mother and Baby magazine: www.motherandbaby.co.uk


When I discovered Children’s Art Galleries, I wanted to tell the world. I absolutely love the idea of this website supporting and encouraging art among young people. The website is totally user-friendly and allows you to share via Facebook, Twitter & email too.”

The Curious Life of a Mummy with 2 (Tessa):



How many of you have boxes of your children’s art stored in cupboards or in the loft? We have bags of random bits of paper that the children have painted or sketched on that i cannot bare to throw away. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if there was a way of not having boxes of artwork around the house, but also being able to look at your child’s precious creations at any time? Children’s Art Galleries have solved the problem.”

Nature Mum Blog (Kelly):



The little ladies absolutely love art – painting, drawing, colouring, sticking, glittering, cutting, printing, you name it, they love it. I’m terribly sentimental and some of their drawings are just so cute and i want to keep them forever but there just isn’t space for it all. We have pictures on the fridge, pictures on the wall, we send some to family and friends as happy post and the rest accumulates in a pile on my desk or in boxes in the loft. With a little help from Children’s Art Galleries I can however keep a memory of their creations and store their pictures an a fabulous online gallery. I’m absolutely thrilled with our online galleries as they provide such a great solution for us and I’m sure in years to come they will be wonderful to look through and read the little notes attached to the artwork.”

3 Little Ladies and Me (Taryn):



“I think this idea is just fab! We have so much artwork dotted around the house and in folders as we just can’t bare to part with it. Archie started nursery 3 weeks ago and we have around 30 pieces of art already! The website is very user friendly and you can also share your children’s artwork across social media. There are unlimited uploads, and you own the copyright of your children’s artwork. The Children’s Art Galleries site is totally safe as there is no option for anyone to make contact with children through the site.”

Anklebiters Adventures (Lianne):



Children’s Art Galleries offer parents a way to keep their children’s artwork forever, allowing us to recycle the paper used around the home. I still find myself having to choose between certain artwork, but with the online gallery I don’t need to make these hard decisions. It means less clutter but so much more in the way of love and wonderful memories for you to look back on in years to come. I also love how you can easily navigate the site to look at other children’s artwork, building an online community of artistic children. Children’s Art Galleries celebrate all those things we as parents are super proud of, a child’s imagination, how they view the world and their individual expression. Well, what’s not to love about it?

Kelly Allen Writer (Kelly):


Children’s Art Galleries is a great new place to store your child’s artwork….It’s very safe and secure. Unlike social media you can’t talk with any other user so you don’t have to worry about strangers trying to contact your child….All images have to be approved before being published to make sure that everything on the site is age-appropriate….The price is £3 per year which I feel is great for the service that you get and at less than 1p per day it’s amazing value.”

Wigan Mum (Jodie):



“What better way to entertain the children than to do some arts & crafts with them? Children’s Art Galleries has got this subject and the endless catalogue of our children’s art down to a tee. They have set up an art gallery for tots to tweens to showcase and archive their artwork and creations! Take a picture of your child’s work, give it a name or a caption and put it onto their very own art gallery, giving you and them a permanent record to keep looking back at.”

BR6Life (Helen Minchip, Editor):



Children’s Art Galleries is a new website where you can upload your child’s artwork. A paperless corner of the internet where you can keep it forever. As it’s a gallery, the pictures are on show to a worldwide audience – which is pretty exciting! The Children’s Art Galleries website is bright, clear interface to use. Everything is laid out very well and very straightforward. Children’s Art Galleries is such a lovely idea – and a great one to encourage children’s creativity. It’s also a wonderful way to share their artwork with family and friends who aren’t local.”

Make Do and Push (Hannah Harding):



Children’s Art Galleries is the UK’s first online art gallery for kids, that allows children’s works of art to shine in a personal exhibition showcasing their creativity. What I like about this Company is the fact you can browse through other kids’ work and see how kids’ imaginations and creativeness progress with age. It’s so cute, you can create an account as young as 2 years old, and can be used by parents to share their kids’ work worldwide, making better use of their creations rather than just to leave them piling up in a box collecting dust (like I started to do.)”

Twinkins (Rochelle):



Little Hearts Big Love, musings of a heart mummy: