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Our Story



It all began with a question: how to solve the problem of storing all your children’s paintings and drawings without hiding them away in boxes in the loft?

What about those moments of inspiration that you couldn’t keep forever? Such as chalk drawings on the pavement, sand fortresses at the beach and the snowman slowly melting in your garden?

The answer that emerged was Children’s Art Galleries.

Our website solves the storage problem and also encouraged our children to be more creative. We enjoy looking back at their works of art and found their personal galleries gave them confidence and inspiration to keep on creating wondrous masterpieces.

Our site is not intended to be in any way competitive, so we don’t judge artworks for their artistic quality, but we do find rewarding creativity and productivity encouraging, so we issue Certificates of Merit (bronze for 50 images uploaded, silver for 150 and gold for 250). If children can be motivated to spend a little more time using their imagination with crayons and a sheet of paper, so much the better.

Our names are Dean & Mich, we enjoy a lovely British rural life with our 3 beautiful children. We are passionate about our children’s creativity and believe we have found a way to really cherish those moments and look at their collection of art works develop as the years go by.

We hope you find as much joy in this as we do!