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How It Works

Our Story

It all began with a question: how to solve the problem of storing all your children’s paintings and drawings without hiding them away in boxes in the loft – and at minimal cost?

Dean Burnage, father of three (one of whom is too young just now, but will soon no doubt be adding to the family’s growing art collection!) discussed his dilemma with his partner Michelle and colleagues  Trevor Hawkins and Ron Bateman. The answer that emerged was Children’s Art Galleries, a website that not only solves the storage problem but also encourages children to be more creative, because their efforts can now enjoy worldwide appreciation in their very own online art gallery.

The site is not intended to be in any way competitive, so we don’t judge artworks for their artistic quality, but we do reward productivity by issuing Certificates of Merit (bronze for 50 images uploaded, silver for 150 and gold for 250). If children can be encouraged to spend a little more time using their imagination with crayons and a sheet of paper and a little less time in front of a screen – so much the better.

The next part of the plan, coming soon, is to offer parents the option of an album, so that a child’s artworks can be admired for years to come, just like a family photo album.